What Are Rug Cleaning Services?

Area rugs are used in bedrooms and living rooms around the country to add warmth and a splash of colors wherever needed. However, just like air filters, area rugs can trap dust and allergens in the air. Therefore, they need to be properly cleaned after regular intervals if you have to benefit from them in the best way while also keeping them usable in the long run. Every homeowner should know the specific type of area rug they have, and how it can be cleaned properly.

Depending on the type and size of your area rug, you might need on-site or offsite cleaning if you are hiring professionals for area rug cleaning near me. Let’s take a look at the brief comparison between offsite and on-site area rug cleaning services.

On-Site Cleaning

As the name suggests, these area rug cleaning services are performed right on your location. The rug cleaning company sends over their professional to complete the job perfectly.

This type of cleaning is feasible for you if you are okay with allowing strangers on your property. Moreover, you must have a proper surface for rug cleaning as it cannot be done on wooden floors.

If you do not like or don’t want on-site rug cleaning services, then you’ll have to opt for off-site service.

Off-Site Cleaning

If you want offsite area rock cleaning services, the professionals will arrive at your location and take pictures of the rug to document it properly before taking it with them. The service provider will then vacuum your rug properly, and run color testing to see whether your rug has a potential for color bleeding or not.

After all of the necessary security measures, the steam cleaning process is used to properly clean your area rug. The rug is delivered back to your house after it has been cleaned properly.

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