Is a tiny band saw worth your money?

My objective was twofold: Initial, to determine what forms of woodworking work these diminutive, reasonably priced band saws are capable of. Second, to choose the best from the group just for this magazine’s “Best Bet” designation, granted for the tool that shows the best mixture of functions, performance and price. I examined each and every saw’s substantial capabilities very carefully, and probed its functionality doing a wide range of cutting assessments to discover simply how much each and every benchtop tool could manage.

Anything before we begin: The truly amazing largest part of power resources today are created abroad OEM (unique devices manufacturers) industrial facilities that construct every design towards the requirements from the firm that’s going to place their title on them. It will help explain why the 9″ benchtop metal band saw I analyzed — the Craftsman, Main Equipment and Ryobi — have virtually the identical welded metallic structure, bottom and all round style. But simply because some saws may seem related doesn’t signify they’re similar. Besides different in characteristics and makeup products, every saw has its own overall performance individuality, and a few just flat-out cut much better than other individuals.

Craftsman Band Saw Review

Of the two benchtop band saws that keep the Craftsman name, the 9″ BAS230 features a selling price on par with the other three 9″ saws within this check. There are actually but a couple of elements of the Craftsman that discern it through the levels of competition. Although its welded body is like two other saws, its wheels have wider, more durable hunting spokes than the other two. Additionally, the Craftsman’s wheels have pressed on weight load, facts that this tires have been through controlling to help them run with less vibration. My reducing assessments bore this out, as well as the BAS230 cut a little more easily than any one of the other 9″ saws.

The Craftsman has lots of power to take on all of the standard band saw decreasing procedures, crosscutting, ripping and even performing light-weight resawing of hardwoods. The 3/8″ wide, 6 tpi blade which comes normal around the BAS230 provides a top quality of cut leaving a fairly nice and clean kerf. The saw’s sizable cast-alloy dinner table offers good help to greater workpieces, which is really the only dinner table within the class using a fully ribbed surface. This can be a useful function, because the ribs can help always keep sawdust from dangling within the workpiece.

To support its jogging blade, the Craftsman BAS230 is fitted with exactly the same golf ball-having thrust bearings and metallic pin friction aspect tutorials (both above and underneath the kitchen table) as found on the Key Equipment and Ryobi saws. Although many woodworkers think that ball displaying part guides are better, to share with the reality, I didn’t really miss them on these modest saws.

Friction pins are really easy to adjust and conduct a fine work of stabilizing the blade during slicing. However, top of the instructions in the Craftsman install towards the very same shaped plastic guideline post assemblage located on the other two saws. These content bring up and reduce efficiently, way of a carrier-and-pinion mechanism. However the posts also deflect relatively easily and might possibly split if influenced a razor-sharp blow.

Ryobi Band Saw Review

The brilliant blue and yellow-colored Ryobi BS903 band saw comes exclusively with the House Depot sequence of creating supply shops, and features a very generous three-calendar year warranted. Just like the similarly designated Craftsman and Core Devices models, the Ryobi sporting activities a blade tension relieve lever, something more typically found on full-measured band saws. It is a nice attribute because routinely loosening tension can avoid a blade from getting a “set” on its tires, therefore supporting it to work much more efficiently over its life.

The BS903 features a small, crystal clear plastic-type material-included window around the higher tire shield (also about the 9″ Craftsman, Skil, and JET). Your window makes it much simpler to safely adapt the monitoring in order that the blade trips on the middle of the wheel’s edge.

Efficiency-sensible, I honestly got trouble differentiating the Ryobi’s reducing skills reviewing the similarly built opponents. This isn’t too surprising, with the likeness in the blade manuals and post, and the point that all 9″ saws are powered way of a 2.5-amp induction electric motor that pushes the lower tire using a simple belt. The BS903 crosscut well using precisely the same tiny plastic-type material-going, light weight aluminum nightclub miter guide as comes with the Craftsman and Central Devices saws.

The determine is basic, but satisfactory for the small slashes you’re prone to execute with one of these tiny band saws. However the Ryobi as well as two comparable opponents don’t include rip fences, I employed a clamped table to examine their rip and resaw skills, which were adequate for the scale of work these saws are supposed to handle. You may resaw hardwoods as broad as being the saw’s 3-5⁄8″ cutting range capability. You should be individual, as being the feed velocity needs to be slow-moving in order to avoid bogging along the blade.

Dirt selection plug-ins, found at the end in the reduced wheel property, are built into each of the saws within this analyze. The Ryobi’s is really a slightly greater size than located on the other 9″ saws, helping you to link a typical 2-1⁄2″ garden hose. Hooked to a highly effective retail outlet vacuum, the Ryobi got great sawdust capture.

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