Customer to Hairstylist: Importance of communication, help and giving gifts

They say that the most beautiful thing a person can wear is confidence. One thing that gives us confidence in our hair and its style. When we like our haircut, our confidence increases and having a heightened self-confidence likewise increases our self-worth.

So, we must see to it that our hair is properly treated so that we can avoid bad hair days. All of us once in a while experiences bad hair day but we can avoid it when we nourish our hair from roots to tips, and get a proper haircut.

To achieve our dream haircut, we look for a hairstylist to do it for us.

Hair stylists have their line of expertise; some are expert in styling short hair, some are into long hair, some are into kid’s hair, and some are into styling facial hair especially in men to achieve their desired masculine look.

Whether you are trying to find the perfect haircut or just want to know more about hair stylists, read below. This article will tackle about how to communicate effectively for you to achieve your desired look, tips on how you can help your hairstylist create the desired look for your child (if you have) and some suggested gifts or tokens you can give your hairstylist in doing a great job.

Giving them tokens will also boost their self-confidence too and in return, they are more likely to deliver greater service quality!

How to Communicate Efficiently with your Hairstylist

For woman:

  1. Know what you want

Be straightforward with the look you want to achieve. Be as specific as possible. It is better if you bring pictures of the look you want your hairstylist to do for you.

  1. Be honest with your hairstylist

For your hairstylist to make suggestions about your haircut, he/she will ask about your hair routine – this is to make sure that you could maintain the haircut you like because some hairstyles are high maintenance.

  1. Consider your face and body shape

Before telling the hairstyle you like to your hairstylist, make sure it fits with your face and body shape. For you to do this, check out hairstyles of different celebrities and models who matches your body structure and face shape. This will give you an idea of what hairstyle may fit you best.

  1. How long would you like to keep this hairstyle

Tell your hairstylist the length of time that you want to keep your hairstyle so he/she can guide you with your transformation. Hair takes time to grow so be sure that you are comfortable with your look for at least three months.

For Men:

  1. Bring pictures of the look you like

Search on the internet about the hairstyle you want. Consider the body built and face shape of the person in the haircut you like because each body shape and body built have different haircuts that look perfect for them.

  1. Share your lifestyle with your hairstylist

Tell your hairstylist about what you do whether you are an athlete or keeping an office job. Your hairstyle may affect what others think of you. So be sure to choose a haircut which can match with your lifestyle.

  1. Ask the hairstylist about what haircut suits you best

Listen to your hairstylist about their suggestions. Consider what your hairstylist says because he is a hair expert. But, if you do not like it, it is always up to you. Just tell him politely that you want to try some other hairstyle.

  1. Just calm down

You have to stay relax while your hairstylist is doing your hairstyle. If he senses that you are nervous, most likely, he will be nervous too and may affect his performance in cutting/styling your hair.

Kid’s haircut:

Cutting/Styling hair is one story. Having your child achieve the desired hairstyle (which depends on the behavior of the child during their hair appointment) is another story.

There is no specific rule in when to cut a child’s hair but we must find it necessary if:

  • It covers the child’s eye, making it hard for them to see clearly or it becomes irritant to their faces especially for short hairstyle.
  • Fly-aways are seen. Fly-aways sometimes gives a dramatic touch to hair but that’s for adult. For children well, much as possible we want their hair to look neat- prime and proper.
  • They seem to look like someone from the opposite sex.

Kid’s haircut experience maybe horrifying or fun not only for the child but also for the hairstylist and the parent or guardian. In order not to see a dreadful salon scene, here are some advice I could share that you could do before the appointment date:

  • Allow your child to be with you during your salon appointment. For him/her to see how it’s done days before his/her haircut.
  • Don’t forget to have a child’s extra shirt with you (Especially if it’s a male child) in case splashes might happen during shampooing. Children are energetic, clumsy and curious.
  • Proper timing is important. Bring the child to the salon at his most comfortable time. If possible not during meal or sleeping time
  • If you are not going to accompany your child to the salon, make sure that the hairstylist assign to your child does handle kids.
  • Another thing, if you are not going to accompany your child to the salon for his or her hair appointment, make sure that the guardian has his or her toys or favorite sweets to divert attention. Children tend to be dangerous when they are bored.

Dos and Don’t do to your kids during the appointment: 

  • Most of the time, the term “CUT” is something kids may produce fear. Try using other alternatives like “Style”. Or tell them the hairstylist will do some sort of “Hair Magic”. That their hair will be like the hair of their favorite artist when they are at the same age as them. That should make the trick.
  • Let them know the materials and functions to be used for them to be less afraid
  • For babies, better to let them sit on your lap if they struggle to maintain a sitting position.
  • Don’t forget to take a picture, you don’t want to miss a salon remembrance!

Giving Gifts

When your hairdresser did a great job in styling your hair, sometimes, just thanking him may not feel enough. If you are thinking about what gift or token you can give your hairstylist, consider the following:

  1. What your hairstylist is into

– It could be the things he/she used in the salon or what he/she needs to have. Another pair of scissors, hair sprays, or hair accessories that he can use in the future will be appreciated.

  1. His/her personal needs

– If for example, you find your hairdresser wearing the same shirt (unless he/she’s wearing a uniform) every time you visit, he/she might appreciate a new shirt as a gift.

  1. Decoration in the salon

– Another simple but thoughtful token you can give is a simple addition to his/her salon decor. Every time your hairdresser sees it, it will remind him/her of you.

If you don’t have the time to buy gifts, giving a tip would be your option. For the amount? Hand him the amount that you think that will make him/her happy, consider giving 10% or up (if you are very satisfied with your hairstyle) of your total expense in the salon.

Showing appreciation is not that hard.

Communicating efficiently with your hairstylist and offering your assistance during your child’s haircut session is one of the most important ways of achieving the desired hairstyle. An effective hairstylist is the one who has strong communication and listening skills- as well as someone who shows patience, compassion, and care (especially to children).

With these skills and values, they can deliver the desired haircut to their respective clients.

Knowing their expertise is another thing. If we established our trust in our hairstylist, most likely, we will be satisfied with their service. So always be sure to look at their previous work and ask for their past clients’ reviews for you to gain knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to hairstyling.

The above are just guidelines for effective communication to achieve the desired hair but you can always add some personal touch as you want.

As long as, at the end of the day, you and or your kid will be happy with your haircut and hairstyle which you can flaunt and rock in confidence!

Don’t forget to give tips and gifts to your hairstylist for doing a great job. It’s not an obligation. It’s just that if you’re too happy about the service, why not share?

There is no harm in sharing blessings!



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