..."I cannot recommend Suhas highly enough"...
One of the wonders of the internet is you get to run into people from all over the world you would not of had the opportunity to meet otherwise.
About 3 months ago I transitioned my blog from blogger to wordpress. What I thought was going to be a simple procedure turned out to be filled with problems .
In my attempt to figure out what went wrong I started to read blogs that were instructive of wordpress techniques. That’s when I came across Suhas’s blog.
I was impressed with the content and sent him an email asking him to take a look at my blog and give me an idea of what went wrong.
Since the day I contacted Suhas 3 months ago I have not had a problem. He not only gave me free suggestions but when I asked for his professional help he agreed.
I have been in contact with Suhas weekly now for 3 months and have had his professional help often with my blog.
I cannot recommend Suhas highly enough. He is thorough, knowledgeable and gets the job done quickly.
As I said its only the wonders of the internet that could lead me to him who has helped me immensely over the last 3 months.
Rick Janov
..."You're in good hands"...
Suhas saved my life. He helped me absorb a blogger blog in to my already existing wordpress blog. He encountered numerous issues on my end, with regards to a weird blog theme - and server problems - but figured everything out and the end result was perfect. You're in good hands with this guy!

Thank you sir.
..."I didn't want to make a mistake"...
Suhas just transfered my site and he did a fantastic job. I was hesitant at first because I have only used
large companies in the past as opposed to an individual on the internet. Most companies or others that
I contacted indicated they are qualified to do it but weren't able to tell me that they have recently transferred
a site. After searching on the net the information I found was just not up to date. Then I found this site
with current updated information dedicated to making a site transfer. In addition to that he made his own
plugin to help complete most of the work. From reading the information on the site it didn't seem that it
was going to be easy for me to do. I understood everything but I didn't want to make a mistake.
He made the transaction go very easy. Any email sent he replied within a days time with all the answers
to any question I had. He made it very easy to trust him and I would use him again.
The site he did is http://www.fashionbuzznow.com .
If anyone wants to contact me regarding my comment they can at jgchess@msn.com
..."His knowledge and persistence was amazing"...
I recently contracted with Suhas to move a large Blogger site to Wordpress and he want the extra mile to see it through! His knowledge and persistence was amazing and I was so happy with the process from start to finish. I recommend his services to anyone needing to migrate from Blogger to Wordpress. Don't even hesitate thinking if it the right choice, it's the only choice!

The http://petitefashionista.com Team
..."rates were reasonable"...
I had the technical knowledge to create and maintain my own Wordpress site, but making the leap from Blogspot to Wordpress filled me with anxiety.

Suhas's rates were reasonable and he was easy to communicate with -- he was clear and prompt in all his replies -- so I hired him to do the job. The work he did was lightning fast! No glitches, nothing to fix, just one day on Blogger and the next on Wordpress!

Thanks, Suhas!!

..."helped me improve my SEO"...
Suhas is a heroic figure in the field of domain redirection. He fought long and valiantly for days until he overcame the many demons set forth by Godaddy to prevent my successful Blogspot to Wordpress redirection.

He was also very informative and helped me improve my SEO at no extra charge.

He was amazingly responsive, too. Sometimes, he even responded to my e-mails before I sent them.

I can't recommend his services enough!

Mike Sinn
..."without a hitch"...
I hired Suhas based on his article and the testimonials here. He was always in touch; provided direction; and answered all my questions. He knows his stuff and my Blogger to Wordpress ( http://lifewithdickie.com/ )move went ahead without a hitch.

I highly recommend Suhas and would hire him again.

Dickie Paria
..."in the search results within 2 hours"...
Amazing, Reliable, Fast, Friendly! These are just some of the things i would like to say about Suhas. He swapped over a blogger site to Wordpress. He really has this down to a T. All post images and even RSS have been updated and the site was found in google in the search results with 2 hours. The site he did is at http://ourlittleobsessions.com Thanks again Suhas I will most definitely be calling upon your services again.